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Castle Sound Production plus Michael Henry Martin Equals ... MAGIC
Fall In Love With Music.....All Over Again

Whether you are a recording studio veteran, or a first-timer in a studio, we want you to know there really is a recording studio and a producer who honestly cares about your music. Michael Henry Martin is that producer and the owner of Castle Sound Production.

He is admittedly a musician first and foremost. Even though he has been hired to produce at other studios from Texas to Nashville, he is most at home at his Castle Sound. For over 30 years, he has created magic for musicians at every level.

When it really matters, when you want to get the attention that you know your music deserves, whether it's a demo or a national release, Castle Sound Production can make you glad the day you read these words.

Call Henry at 325 672 3661 or better still, write him an email at  

You'll like the way you and your music are treated! 


National Releases produced at Castle Sound Production* 

 "Border Town Legend"           Long John Hunter

 "Journry to the Well"             The Jeff Berry Band 

 "When Time Has Let You Go" Michael Henry 

  "Saved In Texas"                 Craig Campbell 

  * among others released over 30 years. 


Jazz Guitar Clinics and Concerts, Recording Consultation and Music Theory Lectures  by Michael Henry Martin for:

 Hardin Simmons University

 Abilene Christian University

 McMurray University

 Abilene Philharmonic 


Location Recordings have ranged from a solo organ recital to a 175 voice choir, from a 4 piece country band to a 20 piece jazz big band. In-studio recordings are not limited to any style, any goal, or even the most exacting demands.

From a small demo for friends and family, to a deal breaking, deal making project, the care and attention that's given to every client has become legendary among musicians from Los Angeles to Nashville. 

Wanna hear some jazz? Go here:

For some reason...Michael Henry often plays under the name "Henry Moon." 

 You can also visit   http:// jadedbum,com/Castle.html    for more pictures and information.